How to get a return off Political Campaign Emails

Political Campaign Emails 101

We all know what it is like to be spammed with emails, but have you ever been spammed with bad political campaign emails? Ya, there really is nothing worse! Thankfully, you’re not going to write bad political campaign emails from this 3-minute read. We are always trying to make you a better political operative, so buckle up and scroll as we take you on a practical but interesting journey on the ways that email can bring you much deserved votes.

Build your database. You should always be building your database with website newsletter signup, opt-ins when dealing with someone face-to-face, and by using purchased database lists. Simple.

Subject lines. Anyone who has tested email subject lines knows that they are the most important indicator of whether someone will open your email, even if they know you personally. Subject lines tend to go through fads but you can begin testing which ones work for your audience by trying personal (Hey), engaging (Time’s nearly up), or local (Springfield town center flooded). Find out what works using an email blast system that tells you the open rates on each email blast.

Ask voters for things. Political campaign emails should be action oriented. If you are not asking for something, then you are not going to get that thing. It might be a donation (it probably is), or it might be to attend a rally, or it might be to come out and vote, but it needs to be something. Remember only one ask per email, don’t confuse the issue.

Take me for instance, I am now asking you to complete this free campaign audit, go one, do it!

Test, test, test. Can’t emphasize this enough. Test subject lines, test content, test style of writing, test images Vs no images, test video, test segmentation. If you don’t have time to test everything just test subject lines.

Update your membership. Keep your campaign volunteers and party members on a separate list and keep them updated on campaign news and calendar items.

Segment. Emails should be segmented by geography, stated interests, and by voting intention (pledged to vote, undecided, needs a lift to the polling station, etc).

No images. Images and video are a big no no for us unless you have very high open rates and engagement rates. It kills delivery and open rates.

Get feedback. Emails are a great way to test the mood of the electorate quickly so elicit some feedback if possible. Also, it is a great way to find new ways to segment your email list, find out what issues are top of people’s minds at any one time and build a segmented list based on that.

Personalise. Don’t be afraid to engage beyond the first email if you get a contentious reply. Why not challenge someone on their opinion if they are pushing back, you can always have healthy debates which may, in turn, lead to a hard earned vote coming through. Remember people like being challenged over email equally as much as they do in person - well some people!

If you have input on what has worked for you in the past please let us know and we will pass it on.

How do you reckon your campaign matches up with the best in the biz, get it checked below (ya, we are asking again)!

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