The NationBuilder & Ecanvasser Relationship

Anyone can use Ecanvasser, we encourage it! Novice campaigners all the way down the line to the political consultant who has been in the game for 30 + years.

People who work in politics or advocacy campaigns may be familiar with NationBuilder. NationBuilder’s aim is to increase name recognition, identify voters, find volunteers and raise money, sounds decent doesn’t it?

They seemed like the perfect fit for Ecanvasser and that is why we decided to integrate. So if you are a NationBuilder user and want to get working with Ecanvasser, here’s everything you need to know.

What they offer:

Politicians see themselves as leaders and organizers and as a result, they instantly understand the power of NationBuilder to dramatically reshape the political landscape. But the concept of organizing is not just relevant for politicians and community activists. The act of organizing people - of connecting them to each other and harnessing their collective power to advance a common cause - is fundamental to the human experience.

Community Outreach

Cut your turf - Assign canvassing teams and manage your canvass from one dashboard.

Customizable surveys

Create surveys using our intuitive survey builder. Ecanvasser analyses the results and you can compare them to the areas you canvassed.

Canvasser talking points

Ever have a canvasser forget to mention a particular policy point? Now you can create talking points for your canvassers when at the doorstep.

Voter Analytics

Analyze results in real time and change canvasser talking points as necessary.

Issue tracking

Track issues highlighted at the doorstep and respond to them directly from our dashboard.

What we do together:


Ecanvasser is entirely non-partisan, we love all NationBuilders equally!

If you'd like to learn more about Ecanvasser, why not get the app and dashboard for free and see what it can do for your campaign.

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