Campaign Management: Canvasser Tracking

Running a political campaign, or frankly, any campaign requires a certain degree of organization and team management. You will be in charge of a number of individuals and you will need to ensure you get the best out of them. At some point during the election cycle, you will be deploying all your team members to canvass certain areas and there are a few factors you will need to consider.

Canvasser tracking is something we regularly preach about but we don’t insert GPS tracking devices into the sole of our volunteer's feet for the fun of it (we don’t’ do that at all really), we track for more practical reasons.


The best kind of canvassing is done door to door so this means a lot of the time your canvassers will be on foot, in various types of weather, at random times and may or may not have phone coverage. As you can imagine, the safety of these individuals is paramount. Tracking your canvassers is essential just to have ease of mind so make sure to map out their route, a meeting spot at a designated time and spare battery packs if you think it’s necessary. All canvassers should have high visibility jackets as the evening is the most common canvassing time.

This isn’t included as some kind of scaremongering tactic, it’s just a reality. No individual should canvass alone, mainly for safety reasons but also for sanity reasons, who wants to be knocking on doors all night by themselves.

Team Performance - Hitting Your KPI's

Success on the pavement is usually measured by doors knocked on or homes canvassed.

Many campaigns in the states use paid canvassers and obviously if you are paying for a service you expect a certain standard. Tracking the progress of a canvasser may be a necessary evil in this instance.

By using Ecanvasser, you can see each individual canvassers work via their app. If you have set a weekly target for them, you see if they have met it from the dashboard.

Campaign Management - Analysis & Quality Outreach

The more doors your canvassers knock on doesn’t necessarily correlate to more votes. Breaking down the canvasser's individual information even further will also show you:

Who’s canvassing technique is working?

John could be knocking on 50 doors a week but the reception at the door indicates we aren’t doing well. Perhaps you need to talk to John and take him through some more training. It’s good to work with your canvassers and analyze what they think could be improved on an ongoing basis.

What messaging is working?

If you are using A/B testing on the campaign trail, it will be interesting to see which messaging is performing better than the other. Testing messages at the door is often the best way to check which campaign slogan resonates more with the voters.

If partners need to be changed?

More times than not, volunteers will come from various different areas. We often pair up new canvassers with older ones, simply because experienced canvassers are like fountains of knowledge when it comes to technique and the locals. Canvasser tracking can easily show the Campaign Manager if this system is working going by the quality of canvassing being done. Sometimes it may be necessary to make swaps midway through an election run and this is often a seamless transition.

If you'd like to learn more about Ecanvasser, why not get the app and dashboard for free and see what it can do for your campaign.

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