How to build your Campaign Brochures

Enjoy our tips on the technical side of designing a basic campaign brochure. Includes a template and some information of fonts you can use.

Editing the Brochure

At Ecanvasser, we are always looking to streamline your workload. We have found that our customers, who range from novice campaigners to experts in the field often rely on templates when preparing their media packs during elections. This being said we have designed a simple pdf editable in Adobe Illustrator to help you get back on track this campaign season.

In our pack, you will find 2 different templates. The main differences between them are the diverse colors and the back page.

Firstly, if you want to use the same font as we did, you will be able to download it below. The font is called Lato and is from a free font family.

Follow this link (

Otherwise, you can use a font of your own choosing

Secondly, you can change the color of each element effortlessly (even the text) by using the black arrow (Selection) from the Tools Panel placed on your left.

All you need to do is double click on the fill tool and then choose the new color.

If you want to replace the color of the elements banded together, you only need to take the Selection black tool again, placing it on the group and double-clicking. Once you are entered in group appearance you just need to follow the above instructions, so Tools Panel > Selection > double click in the fill tool and that’s it.

Other Elements

We have also prepared a series of graphic badge elements that you can use or replace in your template. All pieces are vector graphics so you can enlarge it or reduce it without any issue. You can import them also and then copy and paste them into your documents.

As said before, you have to select the badge you chose, going into the menu “Object” > ”Transform” > “Scale”.

In the second template called “Postcard_ template_2”, to change the photo on the back page you should select the rounded shape, double clicking on it to enter the group mode, double clicking again to enter into the clipping mask mode and replacing your image by simply opening the image in Illustrator, copy and paste into it.

Check out the folder below to download your postcard templates and then you will be ready to customize.

Postcard Templates

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