Political Campaign Media Kit

Campaign Press Kit: The Basics

Campaign Press Kits are essential for any candidate or campaign hoping to stand out amongst all the noise in today’s frenzied media circles. Being prepared means having more than a quick bio and a smiling photo to hand. Campaigns can operate sufficiently off the back of one good newspaper article or strong social media presence.

We always say that when designing your campaign press kit to remember that it needs to be unique. You are dealing with one, maybe two candidates so generic press kits won’t often work. Make sure each document is personable, capitalize on the strong points of your candidates but don’t shy away from their weaknesses. Often times, people will relate to these ‘flaws’ and that is where you begin to see investment.

Main discussions that need to happen in the initial stages are what color, font, images and logos you use. This is, of course, a creative process so get the candidate involved, they will know best what suits their personality.

Press Kit Etiquette


Consider how you want people to be able to access your press kit. You may opt to email it to all your contacts in the media or perhaps you will place it on your website where people can download it if they have a password or enter their email credentials.

Make documents available in various types of formats. We find, PDF, Word and Illustrator files work best fo a copy. JPEG and PNG can be used for images with PNG proving to be a little bit more versatile for the novice graphic designer.

Press Kits: Why Do We Want Them Again?

It will come as no surprise that now you are running a campaign that your time is literally precious. You may suddenly find yourself in serious demand and unfortunately there is no safe way to be in 2 places at once... yet anyway. This is where the importance of your press kit comes in.

They are a handy information pack that you can pass off to a journalist or an event organizer. They could include quotes on certain topics that you have already cleared with your media advisor. They will have flattering pictures of you that you have given your permission to use. In short, they help give a media representatives a fuller picture of a person’s or party’s involvement.

It also allows you to be in charge of your own narrative which is very difficult at times in the political sphere. A public relations professional wants to control what the press knows about a subject or individual at all times and this is a simple solution to get you off on the right footing at least.

Check out our simple Press Release template to give you an idea on where to get started.

Campaign Press Kit

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