How to fund your Campaign

Campaign Fundraising

“Money is fungible in a way that votes aren’t”, Harvard political scientist and government professor Stephen Ansolabehere.

Fundraising can seem like an enormous task for someone who is not used to it. We hope by going through these simple steps that we can help at least one person get their fundraising off the ground.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to hit up for some cash? It may sound a bit brash but ultimately you want someone to believe in your campaign enough that they reach into their wallet.

Existing Donors

Perhaps you are running a long term campaign and are fortunate to have annual donors, first of all, you must have a super team behind you who steward these donors and prevent them from dropping off and also congrats on keeping your campaign going long term, it’s not easy.

You are now attempting to upgrade your donors, so they increase their average donation. Your current donors are your best targets because they are already invested in your mission. They feel you are using the money wisely and not wasting it. In the vast majority of cases, donors don’t upgrade until someone from your organization asks them to do so. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

New Prospects

More work is needed with this group. Your ability to sell yourself as a candidate matters greatly with these people. Prepare your campaign press kits and SHOW UP. When we say show up, we mean you need to invest time with your donors if you expect these people to invest their money.

Certain demographics ask (Men and Women’s groups, different ethnic groups different social circles etc)

Do research into certain groups and companies you can approach for donations. If you are campaigning in an area where a local activist group is holding a meeting, ask if you can join them and talk through your mandate with them. They may not end up giving you a physical donation but verbal support is also useful.

Step 2: Consider Contribution Forms

Many Campaigns rely on small donations. There’s no magic formula to predict how much your cash will help. On average, current presidential candidates have spent about $10 for every popular vote they’ve earned to date, based on Federal Election Commission data and reported primary election results.

Online Donations

Lots of candidates in 2016 used a Contribute button on their website and this acted as a call to action for the visitor.

You can see an example of a contribution table from Bernie Sanders website above.

Offline Donations

Many Campaigns still rely on old school methods such as Cheques, cash etc. You can attach marked envelopes with your fundraising appeal if you wish.

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